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Last summer post: Hvar, Croatia

I think it is time to give up on summer and realise that winter is definitely coming to Sweden. Here are some of my favourite pictures from Croatia and our vacation there.

As I spend one more day in bed with a cold, I decided to finish arranging my pictures from this summer.
This was the first vacation ever that I spent in Croatia and I must admit that the stories my parents and grandparents told about Croatian coast are true. Weather was great even when rainy, water temperature perfect, smell of the pine trees strong and refreshing.

2014-07-31-09.08.41We took a “kataraman”,…

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Last days of #summer #clumsywithwords #eskilstuna #sweden #swedishweather
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Pros for living in a small town #eskilstuna #summer #sverige #sweden #clumsywithwords #blog

Teaching myself how to work in Dreamweaver - new webpage coming out soon :DDD

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Beautiful Gothenburg and the Järntorget
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cause I am an egocentric bastard :D 
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trying to get some tan in Sweden on 10 degrees 
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Summerhouse Skåne
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(Jul 17, 2011 @Asakusa, Tokyo)
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Possibly the last warm and sunny day of this summer.
Reading whenever and wherever - Night watch, Sergei Lukyanenko 
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All I want is to feel send and sun on my skin…