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A friend of mine from old university needs an urgent surgery! 

"Lidija Stojanović is a student at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade. She is currently in her fifth year of studies, and second year of master studies. Since the year 2000, Lidija has been suffering from an autoimmune condition which affects her liver. She has been on medication every day during her twelve‐year‐long treatment. While the therapy is slowing down the autoimmune disease, it is also harming her other organs. Lidija was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of twenty. As a consequence of increased blood pressure in her liver, the veins in Lidija’s esophagus are enlarged, which puts her at constant risk of hemorrhage, the result of which can be fatal.

The doctors’ opinion is that Lidija’s current condition requires an urgent liver transplant. She is under constant medical supervision at the Serbian Clinical Center in Belgrade, at the Clinic for Gastroenterology.
The surgical procedure that Lidija needs cannot be performed in Serbia. Her parents do not posses the financial means to afford surgery outside of the country, the costs of which would add up to around 120,000 Euro. With that in mind, an account has been created to accept donations for Lidija’s surgery.

This group (DRUGARI ZA LIDIJU - FRIENDS FOR LIDIJA) was created by Lidija’s friend and faculty colleagues, so all people willing to help could gather and inform each other about the events we plan to organise.”

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